All Rooms Operational

The furniture for Innovator arrived yesterday and the room is ready for use. The A/V equipment is a little more complex in this room – let me know if you need help figuring it out.

This room has the potential to be really cool and yet another differentiator for us. It has the six small table/benches made from the old beams of the building, and six captains chairs.

The thinking behind this is simple, yet unusual for an organization. When you invite someone to your home, you usually do not immediately sit at the dining room table. You have a drink in the living room, or even standing in the kitchen. This creates a more casual and relaxed atmosphere before getting down to business.

When visitors come to an organization, it is common practice to immediately sit down at a big conference room table. We think this is wrong in many instances. Unless intense writing is required, Innovator is perfect for client meetings, presentations, internal brainstorms – just about everything. With the benches, it can seat up to 12 (clients get first dibs on the chairs!). I hope you begin using it as soon as your next meeting.

Innovator's furniture is here. You should start using it. Right now. Those three tables are actually six individual pieces (made from beams removed from the building) that double as tables and additional seating surfaces. Feel free to rearrange as necessary. Just put them back where you found them so the room doesn't end up looking like your college dorm room.

The pink Captain Kirk chairs for the lobby have also arrived. They are very comfy and there's no reason you can't have an informal meeting there. Do it, Doug.


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