Sign’s Done

They say it’s 44 feet tall. I believe them.


Monday, Monday

Considerable progress has been made on punch list items the last few days. You may have noticed the fresh coat of stain on the wood floor by the main entrance, for example. Or that some of the water appears to be clear. I’m on my second glass out of the sink in the Kitchenator and am still coherent.

The Downtown Council spruced up our corner this morning:

Thanks to the Downtown Council for adding some nice potted plants and a brand new waste receptacle to our corner this morning. As soon as all the construction equipment gets out of here, we'll clean up the parking lot and 8th & Wyandotte will look like it did in 1899. Or something like that.

We finally have a soda machine again. I wonder if a backwards Hawaiian Punch button means it really has Hawaiian Punch. That would be sweet. Someone go try it out.

The 7UP machine dispenses Sprite. Interesting. Hey, we don't own it.

Michael G. was in the Catholic Center behind us last Thursday evening and took this photo of the Gee Whiz Factory:

It looks cool with the lights on.

I’m Out of Sign References

Anyone seen M. Night Shyamalan around? (Guess I wasn’t done yet.)

In case you haven’t noticed, the permanent room signs have arrived. The font is the same as our logo. Thankfully we have a good agency to make sure we stay on brand. The ones mounted on glass will have a backing to cover the tape. It’s just not here yet. That probably won’t warrant a blog post. Unless I’m really bored that day.

A. Ralph Trozzolo was born on 9/12. Today is 9/12. Coincidence?

Yellow Water Be Gone!

We think we may have solved the yellow water problem. The contractor replaced the three main water valves in the basement yesterday evening. Each showed signs of rust inside. The new valves are different and shouldn’t rust. So far, the water looks clear (the toilets are still stained yellow). I even took a drink from the water fountain a little while ago. (Someone please check on me occasionally.) We’ll know for sure if the fix worked in a few days.

Arbuckle Sign Co. began painting our sign today. It should take two to three weeks. Arbuckle has been around since the 1880s and the owner thinks they painted the old signs that we’re painting over. Pretty cool.

The painter on the yellow lift will be a fixture for at least a couple weeks.

Long-haired Freaky People Need Not Apply

We’re putting a sign on the building. Literally painting a sign on the building. In keeping true to the historical nature of the structure, a sign will be painted on the north wall where the old signs were uncovered during the paint removal process. Arbuckle Sign Co. is doing the work, and it should be completed by the end of September. It will be one-color, and the old signs will peak through in places. Here’s a mock-up. It should be pretty cool.